Explore Éire: You Can Stay On An Alpaca Farm In The Slieve Bloom Mountains


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You're probably familiar with my obsession with Alpacas...

At the start of the year I went on an alpaca hike and wrote a story on site about it which exploded into a viral sensation. After publishing the article the company providing the tours pretty much sold out of treks for the rest of the year.

So from this it seems like the alpaca obsession doesn't just resonate with me but with all of you guys too.

When I came across this insane Airbnb, I did think about keeping it a secret at first but because I know you guys adore those fluffy little animals as much as I do, I said I'd let you in on this one.

Say hello to Hushabye Farm!

A beautifully renovated stone cottage on an idyllic Alpaca farm, in the foothill of the Slieve Bloom mountains.

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Yes, that's right... You can stay on an alpaca farm, pet and walk them whenever you like!

The 2-bedroom oasis has an old cottage charm, combined with a modern comfortable finish that will leave you wanting to stay longer.

The Lodge is in the corner of the farmyard with access to all paddocks and a country lane. Guests are encouraged to access all the paddocks to engage with the Alpacas. The owners work on the stud farm and will be on hand to answer any questions you might have about the alpacas.

It really is a dream come true tbf.

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The house itself is super cute, there's no WiFi so it's a great place to spend a weekend break away from reality.

Relax, enjoy the real world, have a cuppa, smell the roses and walk an Alpaca. Now that is how I wish I could spend every weekend.

I didn't think Airbnbs in Ireland could get any better but this one if definitely a chart topper.

To learn more about this gorgeous spot click here.

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