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26th Jan 2020

Nine Irish locations that look straight out of a ‘Harry Potter’ movie

Sarah Finnan

Harry Potter locations

Most of these places merely reminded me of the Harry Potter movies, though some of them have actually been featured on the big screen.

We’re pretty gorge for a little island in the middle of the Atlantic so it’s no wonder that Hollywood thinks so too and often uses it as a filming destination.

Any excuse for a road trip, right? Grab your wands, your cloaks of invisibility and your broomsticks and get on your way.

Kilmainham Gaol – Azkaban

No dementors, thankfully – but I’d pack the chocolate just in case. An integral part of Irish history, Kilmainham is now a museum open to the public. Well worth the visit.

Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop – Flourish and Blotts

One of the best bookshops in the world and that’s a fact. Charlie Byrne’s is what I imagine the Flourish and Blotts bookshop would look like. Be prepared to spend all your time (and money) here.

Aunty Nellie’s Sweet Shop – Honeydukes

Aunty Nellie’s is the real-life version of Honeydukes. Rows upon rows of all kinds of sweet treats and it has all the HP merch to go along with it too. Sadly no butterbeer, but maybe someday.

Cliffs of Moher – the Horcrux Cave

The Cliffs of Moher actually did appear in the Harry Potter movies, in the scene where Harry and Dumbledore go horcrux hunting.

The sheer exposed cliff face, the unforgiving Irish weather, the vast body of water below – all add to the ominous and foreboding atmosphere. I was watching through parted fingers let me tell you.

Quite Wuthering Heights-esque as well.

Rosses Point Beach – Dobby’s burial site

Any of the beaches along the west coast of Ireland could pass for the one used as Dobby’s burial site in the movie, but the dunes and dune grass at Rosses Point in Sligo are an extra convincing dupe.

As is this stunning beach at Ards Forest Park in Donegal.

If you didn’t cry when Dobby died then you must be made of stone.

Hogwarts Express – Parkway Station Navan Road

I think it’s fair to say that this picture is proof beyond a reasonable doubt that the Hogwart Express exists. And that it leaves from Parkway Station on Navan Road.

All aboard.

Merchant’s Arch – Diagon Alley

Merchant’s Arch or Diagon Alley? Hard to tell…though the Guinness sign is probably a tip-off.

The Long Room- Trinity College Dublin

This place not only gives me serious Beauty and the Beast vibes, but I reckon it would also pass as the library from the Harry Potter movies. Hermione would LOVE it here.

Do the stairways move though?

O’Connells Courtyard – Hogsmeade

Anyone who has been to O’Connells in Galway will know what I mean. Stepping out into the courtyard feels like you’ve apparated straight to Hogsmeade. Keep your eyes peeled for Madam Rosmerta.

Any I’ve missed that should be on the list?

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