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25th Feb 2022

Where to eat if you’re in Derry for only 24 hours

Rory Cashin

The food in the city is derry, derry good.

So you’ve found yourself in Derry, and you’ve found yourself hungry.

Not sure where to hit up? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, no matter what time of day it might be…


Doherty’s & Nine Hostages

Technically two stops, but totally worth the walk. Hit up the locally-loved bakery Doherty’s for “a bag of buns”, before heading to Nine Hostages for their incredible coffee.

A match made in heaven.

Hidden City Cafe

If you’re looking for something more luxurious, then make your way to this centrally-located eatery that has an impressive breakfast range from mouth-watering sausage baps to some very impressive scrambled eggs dishes. And, yes, their coffee is also incredible.



A local institution, Guapo is a must-visit for burrito lovers, and for anyone having their lunch on-the-go. All of their burritos, fajitas and salads are entirely customisable to your tastes, too. This could be a game-changer for some folk, just FYI!

Derry Girls Afternoon Tea @ The Everglades

If you’ve got an entire afternoon to kill, then we can’t recommend the Derry Girls’ Afternoon Tea enough. The glorious surroundings of the lush Everglades hotel provides home to a stacked collection of local favourites including cream horns, big chunky chips and the legendary sausage roll baps. As a plus for fans of the show, there are some brilliant Derry Girls paraphernalia around the hotel’s lobby, including that iconic blackboard!


Nonno’s Pizza

Ask anyone from Derry, or who has ever visited Derry, about where to go to for food, and you’ll get the same answer: “Have you tried Nonno’s?” They have branches spotted all around Europe, but this is the only one to be found on the island of Ireland, and the pizza is so good that they are worth the journey alone.

Browns In Town

This Michelin-recommended restaurant has an expansive menu tailored to cater pretty much everyone’s tastes, with a gorgeous varied set of starters, mains and desserts to choose from. They’ve also got an incredible wine and cocktail list, should you be looking to pair your delicious food with an equally delicious drink.


The Trinity Bar

A bit of a fancy establishment, with enough disco lighting to probably be visible from space. This is where you need to go if you’re looking to be seen, and also to get our bop on.


Don’t let the somewhat grunge’y appearances fool you, this place is home to some amazing cocktails. They also have a vast array of beers, ales and spirits, while the DJ keeps the party going throughout: while we were there, the tunes ranged fantastically from Donna Summer to Gorillaz.

Main image via Instagram/@GuapoDerry

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