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10th Jan 2022

“Ciao for now loves” Vegan food truck finishes up at Bray Beach Park

Katy Thornton

And in the middle of Veganuary too! This saucy food truck says goodbye to Bray for now.

The Saucy Cow has officially finished up their six month run at Bray Beach Park. Fans of the truck will be devastated at the loss, especially vegans who love a dirty burger and fries. We hope to see their return in the summer when the weather gets a bit warmer. There’s nothing quite like having a burger and fries by the seaside.

However, if you’re a Saucy Cow super fan, fear not. They still operate out of Eat Yard in Drumcondra, Dublin on Wednesdays right through to Sundays. So if you’re on the struggle bus with Veganuary, and need something that resembles meat, you can still get their beyond meat burgers there. Plus, The Saucy Cow took to Instagram only recently to announce they had signed a lease for a new restaurant in 2022.

So don’t sweat it. Just because their Bray location is on the way out, doesn’t mean you can’t travel to get the dirty vegan goods still. There’s big things happening for The Saucy Cow in 2022; keep an eye on their socials so you don’t miss anything!

And if you’re curious, you can check out their gorge menu HERE.

Header image via Instagram/thesaucycow_

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