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20th Dec 2022

Cork deli owner brings chicken sambo from home to World Cup final in Qatar

Katy Thornton

cork deli world cup

Bringing a whole new meaning to a packed lunch.

You may be familiar with Masseytown has the spot that does the Sunday roast burrito (stunning vibes altogether) so we know they take food seriously. The owner, Tom Creedon, wasn’t going to be without proper sustenance ahead of his trip to Qatar for the World Cup final between France and Argentina on Sunday.

Creedon therefore embarked on his journey with a truly special piece of cargo in tow. A chicken and stuffing roll from his own deli. When Messi scored his penalty, Creedon lifted his sandwich in celebration, a toast if you will. Honestly, this is iconic behaviour.

What better place to promote your deli than at the biggest sporting event around the world. If you weren’t already planning on making a trip to Masseytown to try the Sunday Roast Burrito, then you’ve got to go to try the sandwich that flew to the World Cup.

Bringing a chicken sandwich on a seven hour flight is giving Joey Tribbiani protecting his meatball sub vibes, and we take our hat off to Tom for the dedication.

Header images via Instagram/masseytown

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