The best stop off points for a road trip from Galway to Dublin, according to Twitter

By Katy Thornton

August 19, 2022 at 3:10pm


No road trip is complete without a cheeky stop off here and there.


Doing a Galway to Dublin road trip soon, or find it's something you have to do on the regular? Well thanks to Pól Ó Conghaile (@poloconghaile), travel editor for the Irish Independent, and the question he posed on Twitter, we have some stellar spots for you to try if you're in need of a stop-off.

He took to Twitter with the below tweet, looking for places that would serve lunch or snacks on the M6 and M4 between Galway and Dublin, and the people of Twitter did not disappoint.

Here were some of the spots recommended by the fellow Twitter community for a road trip from Galway to Dublin.

Fatted Calf, Athlone

This spot in the heart of Athlone 10 likes by the person who suggested it, along with a follow up message stating the food and service was good, so maybe one to check out next time you're doing the trip between Galway and Dublin.


The Old Barracks, Athenry

Just five minutes off the motorway, The Old Barracks is considered a winner if you're feeling peckish just out of Galway. They do a range of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options so there'll be something to keep you going for the journey ahead.

Thyme, Athlone

Thyme has just won not one, not two, but four Irish Restaurant Awards 2022. This, as well as appearing on the Michelin Guide should say it all for how good this Athlone restaurant is. Perhaps a little gourmet for a quick stop off, but look, sometimes you've just got to treat yourself.

An Granuaile, Kinnegad

Another spot that was recommended was An Granuaile in Kinnegad, Westmeath. The menu is simple but delicious, with very reasonable prices, and the portions look huge too.


Brown's on the Green, Tyrrellspass

Brown's On The Green received a few votes from the people of Twitter, and if everything on the menu is as huge as this burger, we can understand why.

Creggan Court Hotel, Athlone

For a carvery, Athlone's Creggan Court Hotel popped up as a good spot off the motorway, and with decent parking options.

Furey's, Moyvalley

For the lasagne and homemade chips alone, Furey's is worth a feed according to Twitter user @AideenFinnegan. She was backed up by another commenter, and had several likes, so it's definitely being added to the list.


Dead Centre Brew, Athlone

The perfect quick bite is a toastie in my eyes, and Dead Centre Brew does a particularly gooey looking one (in the best way). Dead Centre Brew even responded to the person who tagged them in agreement.

Magico Bakery, Athlone

One of my favourite activities pre road trip is picking up a coffee and a pastry, and if you're doing the road trip between Galway and Dublin, and also love a good bakery, then stopping in at Magico is a no-brainer.

The Hungry Bookworm, Loughrea

For a full-on fry, The Hungry Bookworm in Loughrea will set you up nicely for the long drive to Dublin.



And of course you can never go wrong with a McDonalds. The one in Athlone to be specific.

There were loads more options in response to Ó Conghaile's question, which you can check out HERE. But we hope these suggestions will tide you over next time you're doing a road trip from Galway to Dublin, or vice versa.

Header image via Instagram/athlone_cregan_court

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