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11th Jun 2021

There’s a new spot to hit up in Cork for your cheese toastie fix

Fiona Frawley

Who can resist a cheese toastie? Cheese, butter, bread, a bitta chicken or ham if you’re that way inclined… it’s all the major food groups, guys.

Grilly Mc Grill Grill in Cork clearly agree and are passionate about their cheesy lil pals – every toastie from this new food truck is given a loving pat on the back before going out, so it knows it’s doing a great job.

Seriously though, these toasties look unreal. That stringy, melty cheese is always a sign of an elite sambo.

And anywhere where the the secret ingredient is “extra butter” is a place we can trust. A place we can respect.

Cheese lovers, assemble yourselves and get down to Grilly Mc Grill Grill this weekend. It’s time.

Header image via Instagram/Grilly Mc Grill Grill 

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