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22nd Dec 2021

These festive fries will keep you going if you just can’t wait for your Christmas dinner

Katy Thornton

fries with turkey, brussel sprouts and gravy in a takeaway basket

Swap those garlic and cheese chips for something a little more festive!

Curry chips and spice bags can wait until Christmas is over. Handsome Burger is feeling festive, and have come up with these festive fries. But what exactly do festive fries entail, you may ask.

Festive fries contain fries (obvs), roasted turkey, charred Brussel sprouts, bacon lardons, all topped with rich beef and bacon gravy. So if you just can’t wait until Saturday for your Christmas dinner, Handsome Burger has got you covered.

Handsome Burger has two locations, one in Galway and one in Athlone. They are open today and tomorrow from 12pm until 8pm, so there’s plenty of time left to try their festive fries.

Handsome Burger are also serving some delicious Winter Warmer Cocktails if you’re feeling in the mood for that.

Header image via Instagram/handsomeburgerireland

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