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26th Oct 2021

This Westport donut burger is everything we need and more

Katy Thornton

The combination of dreams…. donut miss out on this!

Well we’re salivating just looking at this burger. Servd in Westport introduces its newest special and it certainly is special. The donut burger is exactly what it sounds like. A beef burger patty sandwiched between two glazed donuts. Not only that but it’s topped with melted cheddar cheese, bacon jam, bacon, and crispy onions. The term food porn was invented for exactly this kind of creation.

And if that somehow doesn’t fill you, it’s also accompanied by paprika fries and herby aioli. The mixture of flavours might be too much for the regular consumer, but for all the foodies out there, you need to flock to Servd in Westport ASAP.

Servd opens 9am to 4pm Thursday-Monday if you’re planning on stopping by for some tasty brunch.

Header image via servd.westport

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