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29th Sep 2022

Westport café create a sandwich in honour of Lindsay Lohan arrival

Katy Thornton

westport café lindsay lohan

Say hello to the Lindsay Loham.

There really is no greater honour than having a sandwich named after you. In honour of her recent presence in Ireland, Westport café The Creel decided to create a sandwich named after Lindsay Lohan.

Its name? The Lindsay Loham. I mean… it’s nothing short of genius.

So what’s in the Lindsay Loham you ask? We’ve got ‘nduja sausage, Monterey Jack cheese, mixed grated cheddar, caramelised onions and, naturally given the name, ham.

Lindsay Lohan has been back and forth to Ireland filming new movie Irish Wish. According to The Independent:

The rom-com, set for release in 2023, features Lohan in the lead role as a bridesmaid named Maddy who is in love with her best friend’s husband-to-be. Though she decides to put her feelings aside to support the couple, days before the wedding in Ireland, she makes a wish for true love and magically wakes up as the bride. However, she soon realises that her true soulmate is someone that she never expected it to be.”

Westport isn’t the only location in Ireland that Lohan has been spotted. Earlier in the month she was seen in Wicklow, and the search for her body double began in August.

Now the Lindsay Lohan inspired sambo isn’t going to be a permanent fixture at the Westport café, so make sure you drop in soon.

Header images via Instagram/thecreelwestport and lindsaylohan

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