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02nd Jul 2021

Here’s where you can get this vegan remake of one of Ireland’s favourite ice creams

Fiona Frawley

Everyone loves an Iceberger. It’s the OG ice cream sambo.

Before there were boujie ice cream flavours expertly placed in between sea salt cookies, there were freezers full of Icebergers for 50 cent a piece. What a time to be alive it was.

Everyone should be able to relive their childhood ice cream memories. Irish plant-based ice cream company Burr know this, so they’ve created this vegan ode to one of the nation’s favourites, the Iceburrg!

These bad boys are available in stockists across Dublin, and now in Pudding Row in Sligo! So you can get your vegan ice cream fix east to west. The dream TBH. They’re also gluten free with completely compostable packaging, so they’re really ticking all boxes.

They also have loads of different spins on the OG vanilla Iceberger, including mocha, chocolate and vanilla. Food for every mood, as our friend Chandler Bing would say. Deffo treat yourself to one this weekend!

Header image via Instagram/Burr

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