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23rd Apr 2020

Lidl has brought back a range of craft beer favourites for a limited time only

James Fenton

Lidl has relaunched its range of bestselling craft beer, with all 163 nationwide stores stocking the selection from today until stocks last.

With prices starting at just €1.79, Lidl’s craft beer range has been brought back just in time for the weekend. Perfect for your next virtual quiz or family catch-up, they are sourced from renowned speciality brewers including Greene King and Marston’s in the UK, as well as Van Steenberge in Belgium and the Pyynikin Brewing Company in Finland.

Available in all Lidl stores from today until stocks last, here are just a few craft beers that are on offer…

Belhaven Black Scottish Stout (€1.99, available from 23rd April)

Produced by Scotland’s oldest working brewery, Belhaven Black Scottish Stout is brewed using pure Scottish water and a unique blend of Scottish triple malts sourced from the finest Scottish barley. It boasts a fresh roasted aroma and taste with a subtle hint of coffee from the roasted barley. Simply hopped with Challenger to provide a clean low-level bitterness. Belhaven Black Scottish Stout really is something completely different.

Old Golden Hen (€1.99, available from 23rd April)

Old Golden Hen is a refreshing, tasteful and easy to drink golden ale from the Master Brewers of Old Speckled Hen. Crafted for refreshment, this 4.1% crisp, golden ale is brewed with rare Galaxy hops from Tasmania that bring with them mouth-watering tropical notes and a deliciously smooth finish.

Steam Brew Imperial Stout (€1.99, available from 23rd April)

The Steam Brew Imperial Stout exhibits a combination of fermentation aromas from selected culture yeast and roasted malt which produces a mouth-watering caramel-malt and roasted taste. Thanks to its deep black colour and creamy crown of foam, the Imperial Stout is an eye-catcher among the specialties.

And here’s a full price list of for Lid’s craft beer range…

Full list of the craft beer promotional range:

Steam Brew Stout 7.5% €1.99
Old Golden Hen Craft Beer 4.1% €1.99
Belhaven Black Scottish Stout 4.2% €1.99
Heureka Lager €1.99
Marston’s Golden Ales 4.2% €9.99
Golden Goose Beer 4.5% €1.99
Ruby Hen Beer 5% €1.99
Marston’s English Pale Ale 3.6% €1.79
Pyynikin Pacific Pale Sale 5.5% €2.49
Pyynikin Black Lager 5.0% €2.49
Pyynikin Nordic Lager 5.0% €2.49
Abbey Beer Imperial Beer 7.5% €3.99
Amber Beer 6.1% €2.99
Bornem Blonde 6.0% €6.99
Gulden Draak 9000 Quadruple 10.5% €9.99

So much to choose from. You can find out more about Lidl’s craft beer range here.

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