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12th Jan 2020

Popular Cork pub in war of words with ‘smell of urine’ reviewer

Darragh Murphy

Cork readers will likely be very familiar with The Bishopstown Bar.

Located on the south side of Cork city, The Bishopstown Bar is a busy pub that is often frequented by students from the nearby CIT campus.

On match days, the lounge is often jam-packed and the carvery is particularly popular on Sundays.

The Bishopstown Bar is also known for its evening food deals and funny social media presence.

This story kind of involves both as The Btown, as it’s known locally, recently took umbrage with one particular negative Google review.

Last week, the 4.2 rated Bishopstown Bar posted a screenshot to Twitter of a response to a one-star Google review which simply read: “There’s a smell of urine out of the toilets, put me right off.”

The pub’s response read: “Thanks for your feedback Tim, but for health & safety reasons we would advise customers not to eat or drink in the toilets in future.”

The above sarcastic reply from the bar has inspired the reviewer to go back and edit his post.

One-star review of The Bishopstown Bar

Tim’s updated review now reads: “There’s a smell of urine out of the toilets, put me right off, additionally I’ve just discovered this may be due to the owner having a bad attitude and not taking kindly to criticism.”

***Insert popcorn-eating GIF***