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Seven Irish Craft Poitíns You Need To Try Before You Kick The Bucket

By Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

June 17, 2019 at 12:59pm


When I think of poitín I think of a cloudy-looking bottle of spirits that was hidden at the back of our drinks cabinet and only came out for very loose occasions.

Drinking it would almost blind you but the craic that followed after was like no other.

Poitín is actually coming back in a big way but this time around it's being made in proper distilleries using top quality ingredients. These recipes have been passed down through generations of Irish families.

Here are some stunning bottles of the famous Irish spirit you won't want to miss:

1. Bán Poitín

This traditional style Irish poitín is distilled in the Ards peninsula. Made from potato, barley, and sugar beet, it has a raw and earthy flavour that is making waves in the vibrant cocktail scene.

2. Micil Poitín

Named after the distiller's great, great grandfather Micil Mac Chearra, this traditional-style poitín is created in a micro-distillery in Galway city. It's made from Irish grain and flavoured lightly with locally sourced bogbean.

3. Glendalough

This craft, small-batch Poitin is created by the Glendalough Poitin company. It has a unique flavour from its short period ageing-time in virgin Irish oak casks.

4. Mad March Hare

Mad March Hare is a stunning poitín made from malted barley. It is crafted in a copper pot still which gives it a clean and crisp flavour.

5. Straw Boys

Also crafted in a copper pot still, Straw Boys is created using malt barely. It's handcrafted in the Connacht Distillery. It's has a full-bodied flavour and is ideal for mixing, I'd recommend with ginger ale - it gives it a fab flavour.

6. Spirit Of Dublin

This is the first new release from the Teeling distillery in over 125 years so you best believe it's a good'un.

Created as an unaged single pot still whiskey, it's made from a 50/50 mix of unmalted and malted barley which is fermented and then distilled three times in the iconic Teeling's copper pot stills.

7. Ballykeefe

Triple distilled in copper pot stills this poitín will excite the taste buds and have you craving more.

Now there are a few fancy bottles to add to the drinks cabinet!


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