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23rd Aug 2021

This Galway restaurant has just created the lasagne of dreams

Fiona Frawley

Lasagne is a staple in most Irish homes.

From the Dolmio version of our childhoods to the many attempts we made to recreate Carmela Soprano’s iconic lasagne with the layer of basil leaves and spicy sausage, it’s the dish that’s always been there for us. The ultimate comfort food, you might say, and Galway City restaurant Kai have just upped the comfort levels tenfold with their latest creation. Honestly, we’re speechless.

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. That’s a deep fried lasagne, and that golden breaded coating is making us feel things we’ve never felt before. Genuinely, I’m ready to write a Love Island-esque recoupling speech to this dish.

According to the post, deep fried lasagne is a Kiwi classic and commonly found across New Zealand in the pie warmers at service stations.

Would you upgrade your favourite pasta dish with a bitta batter? I’m already fantasising about the other possibilities… deep fried carbonara balls? Battered pesto penne? The options are endless. Not sure if this was just a special at Kai or potentially a permanent part of the menu, but based on the comments section and my own personal reaction after seeing this pic, the demand would absolutely be there.

Header image via Instagram/Kai Galway 

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