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29th Oct 2021

You can now buy Kilo Cookies and yes, they’re just what they sound like!

Katy Thornton

These are some thicc cookies, and we mean thicc with two cs!

If you’re looking for cookies the size of your head, The Drunken Cookie is the place to go. You can order kilo cookies (yes, one kilogram cookies) to your door – The Drunken Cookie ships nationwide. They’re only available in November and December, so soak them up while you can (or attempt to dunk them in milk like in this pic). They come in four flavours; oreo, nutella, biscoff, and original.

The hardest part may just be choosing what flavour of cookie you want. Luckily, The Drunken Cookie sells boxes of smaller (but still chonky) cookies so you can try them out for yourself.

These may just be the perfect Secret Santa present. Or the perfect birthday gift, or pick me up on a hard day. No matter the occasion, we are obsessed with these phat ass cookies. What flavour are you eyeing up?

Header image via Instagram/thedrunkencookie97

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