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07th Oct 2020

Ireland’s favourite deli food has been revealed

Sarah Finnan

A survey of 1,000 adults, commissioned by Circle K has revealed the nation’s most popular deli order. So, drum roll, please.

Topping the charts as the country’s fave deli food, over one-fifth of Irish people named the humble chicken fillet roll as their number one choice when calling into their local.

According to the findings:

  • 22 per cent of people rank the chicken fillet roll as their deli food of choice
  • 25 per cent would travel 2-5km to pick one up while a further 19 per cent would travel beyond that

Jumping at the chance to upgrade the classic, Circle K has just launched their own version of the fan favourite – introducing a new Katsu chicken fillet roll that is sure to go down a treat with deli-lovers. Consisting of all the usual ingredients, theirs comes smothered in an Asian-style sweet and salty Katsu sauce too.

deli food

Winner, winner, chicken roll dinner.

We’re creatures of habit and going into the local deli always results in one thing – us emerging ten minutes later with a chicken fillet roll, a bag of crisps and a can of something fizzy. Who are we to break tradition?

Header image via Shutterstock/Deli counter

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