7 Struggles You'll Recognise If You're A Hopeless Cook

By kaylawalsh

March 7, 2018 at 4:59pm


Life is hard. You're meant to go to work and the gym, have active social and love lives, AND cook your own food every day?!

Something's gotta give, and if you're not a natural in the kitchen you shouldn't feel bad, because you're not alone. 

Here are seven struggles you'll recognise if you're a terrible cook. 

1. You learned how to boil an egg WAY too late in life

It just wasn't interesting. 

2. You get endless nagging from your mam

Especially if you're a woman - guys can sometimes get off easier than gals when it comes to learning to cook. 

Women get "jokes" like "What man will marry you?". 

3. You eat out wayyyy too much

Take-away for the sixth day in a row? Yaaas.

4. You're always broke

All those spice bags ain't cheap.

5. Even the simplest meal is a disaster

You either don't follow the recipe properly, or get distracted and burn everything. 

6. You dread getting invited to pot luck dinners

And try to get away with bringing a shop-bought dessert. 

7. And you've made a New Year's Resolution to cook more

But you've already broken it. 

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