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13th Jun 2019

This Berlin Restaurant Has Some Of The Best Burgers And Chicken Wings In The City


If you’ve been to Germany, then you know take their sausages seriously, sure they only have about a million of them.

But, there is a Burger and Steakhouse in Berlin that has some of the best burgers and wings I’ve ever tasted.

‘The Bird‘ is tucked away on a narrow street in a residential area in East Berlin.

It has a casual easy-going atmosphere that wouldn’t be out of place in New York.

I went along with the team from Harvey Norman and a couple of other journos and it was perfect for a large group with big appetites.

So, what did we have to eat?

The Wings

We were all intrigued by the chicken wings covered in the ‘napalm’ sauce, but only one of the lads was brave enough to go for it.

I got the wings covered in hot sauce and it was definitely hot enough for me. I love spicy food, but I think there’s a line you shouldn’t cross if you want to be able to taste anything else.

The wings were generous and generously drenched in hot sauce. It’s served with celery, carrots and a blue cheese sauce for when your mouth is on fire.

I’m pretty sure Brian’s face turned purple from the intensity of the sauce, but he soldiered on and even claimed to like how hot it was.

The Burgers

Ok, so this is what ‘The Bird’ is famous for. They have a large menu of 20 burgers ranging from the plain ‘ghetto’ burger to their massive signature ‘Da Birdhouse’ which has two beef patties and “enough grease to kill a donkey.”

I went for the ‘Fat Stingy Gonzalez’ with guacamole and salsa verde, and it was freaking delicious. Served in an English muffin and grilled to order with freshly cut fries, lettuce, tomato, red onion and a homemade pickle.

It was a dream and I was genuinely sad when I had finished it. That’s how much I love a good burger.



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If you’re feeling adventurous and you think you can handle it, you should check out their ‘Big Bird’ challenge.

“750g of beef, cheese, bacon, onions and a huge portion of fries Manage it in 45 mins and its FREE, if not its 29€… who’s up for the challenge? Don’t forget to finish the salad on the side…”

If you love burgers, then this place has to be on your Berlin bucket list!

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