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16th Sep 2018

The 14 Best Irish Coffee Roasters You Need To Try If Caffeine Is Your Lifeblood


Coffee is life.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about one of the most important parts of the coffee making process; roasting.

Roasting is crucial to achieving a unreal cup of coffee and it turns out there are some pretty badass coffee roasters in Ireland ensuring that the coffee we drink is first class.

We’ve rounded up some of the best coffee roasters in Ireland so you can try them all, cos we’re sound like that.

1. Ariosa

Based in Meath, the people behind Ariosa use a traditional slow approach to roasting and they only roast one single origin at a time in small batches to ensure the distinct taste of each type of bean is accentuated.

They also source their beans ethically, buying direct from farmers.

You can try Ariosa coffee in their coffee shop in Drogheda.

2. Baobab

Founded by Alex and Luigi who grew up in Kenya, the team hand roast the beans every week to bring out the coffee’s terroir, complexity and attributes.

They source beans from Brazil, Nicaragua, and the Democratic Republic of Congo among others.

That’s a whole lotta world in a cuppa joe.

3. Badger & Dodo

A family business based in Cork, Badger & Dodo have been supplying coffee shops all over Ireland since 2008.

Their mission is to source quality raw coffee, roast it to perfection as well as increasing awareness around baristing methods – brewed or espresso.

If you like coffee, chances are you’ve had a Badger & Dodo coffee.

4. Bell Lane

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This Westmeath-based roastery has been hand-roasting small batches of their beans on a daily basis since 2012.

Bell Lane Coffee has won twelve stars at the Great Taste Awards, and was commended at the Blas Na H’Eireann and the Irish Cafe Quality Food Awards.

5. Cloudpicker

Established in 2013, Cloud Picker is Dublin’s first micro roastery based on Sheriff street.

You can find Cloud Picker coffee brought to life in their café in the Science Gallery as well as outside stockists like Cloud Café in North Strand, Dublin 3.

6. Red Rooster Coffee.

This family-run roastery in Co. Galway boats the only cast iron roaster in Ireland.

Their approach to roasting is comparable to cooking, the slower the better.

You can make your own mind up on Red Rooster coffee by trying it in one of their various locations around the country including most Avoca and Donnybrook Fair stores.

7. Upside

This Dublin roastery’s mission is very simple : “Import delicious coffee, roast it to perfection and share it with you. Easy as that.”

See for yourself if it’s roasted to perfection by dropping by Meltdown on Stephen Street Lower.

And look at that gorgeous packaging. So good.

8. Silverskin

First serving coffee from the infamous coffee kisk in Ballsbridge, Silverskin coffee is craft-roasted daily in small batches, thus ensuring it is tasty AF by the time it gets to you.

I just wrote ‘thus’. I am so invested in this.

9.Two Spots

Describing themselves as, “…just normal folk who love great coffee,” the guys want to bring you fresh coffee with great service.

They’re true blue Dubs and have named their coffees after different Dublin characters like Johnny Forty Coats and Skin The Goat. Deadly.

10. Craft Coffee

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Craft Coffee selects the highest quality arabica beans to bring you their unique coffee blends.

Discover their take on arabica coffee at their café on Merchants Quay.

11. 9th degree

Brought to you by the guy behind Dublin Barista School, James McCormack wanted to control the coffee roasting stage of the coffee chain to give customers something special.

The coffee is hand roasted in small batches every week for peak freshness. If you’re nearby, stop in and they’ll give you a tour.

12. Ponaire

Since 2009, Pónaire (Irish for bean) has been supplying retailers and cafés across Ireland.

Since 2009, Pónaire has won over 17 Great Taste Awards for their coffees – if that isn’t a sign of great coffee, we don’t know what is.

13. Full Circle

Full Circle is a Dublin based roastery supplying to some well known cafés such as The Cracked Nut, Shoe Lane Coffee and Ebb & Flow Coffee.

14. Urbanity

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This is @yoassp, he is one of two roasters here @urbanitydub. He is an amazing roaster and barista who strives for perfection everytime. . . At the moment he is roasting a favourite of ours: El Salvador/La Joya. The additional step of soaking this coffee in water for 24 hrs in order to remove any remaining mucilage makes this coffee bean such a consistent and realiable one. . . After roasting it has amazing chocolate and light berry notes with a crisp mouthfeel which tastes great as espresso or with milk. . . @nordicapproach also pays double the cost price/fairtrade minimum price to the hardworking farmers which makes this coffee so special and we love it! Come get some in store or email [email protected] #specialitycoffee #probatroaster #nordicapproachcoffee #greenbeans #coffee #welovecoffee #urbanitycoffee #urbanitydub #smithfield #dublin7

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Open since February 2016, Urbanity is small batch roaster and speciality café based in Smithfield in Dublin.

They source their beans from Nordic Approach in Oslo making them the only roasters on our list with Scandinavian suppliers.

It’s kinda like having a cool cousin in school, absolutely nothing to do with you but the connection somehow makes you cool by association.

Don’t ask, we don’t make the rules.

If this doesn’t encourage you to try independent cafés then I don’t know what will.