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PIC: The Price Of Ireland’s “Best Chicken Wings” Is Actually Madness

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They’re the only thing that’ll save you after a night on the sauce and they’ve never let you down before.

But, how much would you expect to pay for a couple of chicken wings in a shop?

A couple of euro maybe? Certainly no more than a fiver no matter how tasty they are.

What if we said that you could get Ireland’s “best chicken wings” for just cents.

Yup, cents.

You can get 80 of these bad boys for a tenner, 10 for €1.25 or just one for no more than 12.5c per wing.

It can’t be right, but oh it is.

Chicken Wings Cork

Image credit: Reddit.

The wings are for sale in the English Market in Cork, which was made famous by The Young Offenders.

The market is featured numerous times throughout the film and first series of the television programme because Conor’s mam works in the fish shop there.

No wonder Conor loves chicken so much when he can get wings for this price in the local shop.

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