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Craicpack Launches Hangover Box To Send To Your Loved Ones Abroad

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A hangover is an unmerciful pain in the arse, but a hangover away from home can be only made worse.

Whether it’s because of the heat, homesickness or not being able to get your hands on a chicken fillet roll as your hangover cure, it’s a rough deal.

When it comes to the latter missing their favourite munchies for their hangover, CraicPack has come to the rescue with their new Hangover Box.

The Hangover Box is shipped in a box covered in Irish sayings and contains some well-known Irish cures to send to friends and loved ones overseas.

Contents included in the Hangover Cure box include Brennans Bread, Butlers Hot Chocolate, Berocca Tablets, Lyons or Barry’s Tea, MiWadi, Dairy Milk and a whole lot more.

Craicpack boxes start from €45.00 and can be bought here.

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