GINFLUENCED: Here's The Top 10 Gins Of 2018

By Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

December 28, 2018 at 1:22pm


Gin has been a hot topic this year and it's easy to see why.

It's a delicious spirit and Ireland is home to some of the best craft gins around.

If you've been following us the last while, you'll be familiar with our popular weekly series Ginfluenced, where we showcase an artisan gin each week.

We've been trying gin after gin and now the verdict is in, here's the top ten gins of 2018.

In first place:

1. Beara Irish Gin

This unparalleled gin uses local botanicals along with salt water and sugar kelp taken from the sea.

It's a cool gin that pulls in traits of the south-west coastline of Ireland, which makes it a really enjoyable gin experience.

Definitely the most unique flavour of any gin I've tried this year and it's bloody delish earning it the top place on this list.

2. Chinnery Gin

Chinnery Gin takes inspiration from Georgian Dublin and Imperial China.

It has one of the most stunning bottles I've seen. On the front, you'll see a Georgian Dublin building with its long windows and iconic brickwork. Through the windows you'll see a colourful chinoiserie print.


There's a fresh, herbal and creamy taste to this gin. It has magnificent sweet and spicy flavours and it's well-rounded with a smooth finish.

3. James Joyce Gin

James Joyce Gin is made in Dublin and it differs from the rest.

Instead of the typical botanical or fruity flavours found in gin, it offers spicy undertones. The gin itself combines delicate notes of heather, bay leaf and cloves.

As someone who has a literal obsession with gin, I can safely say this one is a new favourite of mine.

4. Mór Irish Gin

Mór is handmade in the Arderin Distillery in Tullamore, Co. Offaly, and comes in small batches. It's flavour takes inspiration from this area - earthy and botanical.

It's advertised as a gin for the "adventurous spirit" as it takes a step away from the appearance and flavours of a conventional gin.

The juniper is very prominent but it has there's a distinctive and unique flavour produced by the three berries used. It's sweet and fresh.

If you like a mixture of botanicals and fruity flavours, this gin would be right up your street.


5. Boatyard Old Tom Gin

Hailing from majestic county Fermanagh, famous for its mirrored lakes, lonely islands, babbling streams and serene drumlins - this is where you'll find the Boatyard distillery.

Of all my many, many (too many tbh) bottles of gin, this one stands out the most, mostly because it's golden.

Yes, golden.

It's the most whiskey-esque gin I've ever come across and I'm all here for it.

It's the second product to be launched from The Boatyard Distillery and the first of its kind to be launched in Ireland.

6. Bonac 24

Hailing from the Garden Of Ireland myself, I love seeing products coming from my home county.

Bonac 24 was created by young entrepreneur, Gavin Clifford and his father Michael in Newtownmountkennedy. The pair tried many different blends and finally settled on their 24th recipe - hence the name. The name is also inspired by the summers that Gavin spent working in The Hamptons, locals refer to this area as Bonac.

It has a classic taste of juniper, lingering spice and evocative earthly notes mingled with citrus flavours.

The green fruit provides a refreshing aftertaste with warm and sweet anise notes.


7. MíL

Ireland meets Iberia in this Irish pot distilled gin, imbued with Mediterranean botanicals.

MíL Gin was created at the Pearse Lyons Distillery, located in the refurbished St.James Church in the Liberties, Dublin. A passionate team of ‘ginthusiasts’ were inspired by the surroundings of St.James Church and link it has with the Camino de Santiago in North-West Spain.

It's bursting with fresh bittersweet flavours, is deliciously summery and the perfect pick me up for bitter winter nights.

8. Ha'Penny Gin

Ha'Penny Gin was created to capture the flavours, the stories and the charm of Dublin.

It's original and unforgettable.

The company stocks gin, rhubarb gin and Irish whiskey.

It was created to capture the warm, witty and welcoming essence of Dublin. The Dublin Dry Gin is a small-batch, pot distilled spirit that uses locally inspired botanicals.

Initially, you'll taste the fresh rhubarb with a bright botanical mix, rounding to a pleasant classic resinous juniper forward Gin.


9. Kinsale Gin

Kinsale Gin hails from the wonderful red county.

It's hand crafted and made in small batches.

It's flavour takes inspiration from the South West countryside, light and botanical.

The gin is distilled in the London Dry style so it's got that feel to it.

From the first sip, you'll get that sweet taste from the elderflower, vanilla and elderberry followed by a more bitter taste from the juniper berries.

10. Whitley Neill

Like most craft gins, Whitley Neill is distilled in small batches. The company won a gold medal at the San Francisco Spirits Competition in 2014 and was named as one of the five best gins to buy in The Telegraph.

The rhubarb and ginger gin was created to bring a taste of the English countryside to homes across the world.

It's sour and spicy with a hint of sweetness.