Great News - Ireland's First Ever Rum Is Here!

How Rum-antic!

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In a world where we have all become a little bit too obsessed with gin, we sometimes forget how tasty and unreal other spirits can be. 

So when I heard that a brand new rum, Ireland's first ever rum for that matter, has just been released, I couldn't help but let out a squeal of excitement. I'm a proper alco-nerd and as much as I've been loving gin, I have had my eyes peeled for the next best thing. 

Could this be it? 

Blacks Spiced Irish Rum was launched today by Black's Distillery in Kinsale and it looks unreal: 

Blacks Spiced Rum

Ok yes, we do have other rums in Ireland but this is the only one that is made entirely in the Emerald Isle. It's made from Sugar Cane Molasses and is fermented in oak barrels, yummmmm.

Black's have also been making gin and craft beer over the years so they seem to be right on trend. Owner Sam Black said during the release today: “We have been lucky to be at the forefront of both the rise of craft beer and craft Gin over the past few years. And now we think it’s time for rum to have its time in the spot light  “

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Hopefully this is the beginning of a beaut new drinking trend in Ireland.

Now it's time to try get our hands on a bottle.


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