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19th Oct 2018

You Can Now Get Your Face On Your Pint of Guinness

Megan Cassidy

This could be the best way to ensure no one robs your pint.

The Guinness Storehouse has this week introduced the STOUTie – an Instagrammable pint of G with your selfie showcased on the creamy top.

Yep, to celebrate the International Stout Festival from the 1st to the 4th November, the Storehouse will treat visitors to their own STOUTie as well as a special line-up to celebrate all things stout; featuring diverse and colourful beer experiences, deep dive sessions into the Guinness Archives, stout inspired menus, complimentary food pairings and tastings of its much-loved stout beer.

Guinness Storehouse Introduces The Guinness Stoutie 1

The Guinness brewers will also reveal a limited-edition celebratory new stout, which will be available at St. James’s Gate Brewery throughout the festival.

Speaking about the Guinness STOUTie, Stephen Kilcullen, Head of Quality and Master Brewer gave us a breakdown of the technology behind the STOUTie:

‘The Nitrogen bubbles are tiny and because of this form beautiful layers of creamy smoothness, creating a long-lasting head and resulting in the distinctive cascade of millions of bubbles now known as the ‘surge and settle’.

‘The iconic creamy head of Guinness is the perfect canvas for The STOUTie’.

Visitors to The Guinness Storehouse can purchase a STOUTie for €6.

For more information or to buy tickets to The International Stout Festival, head here.