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12th Dec 2017

Here’s The Weird Reason Why You Should Never Microwave A Hard-Boiled Egg


Not everyone is a fan of hard-boiled eggs, but did you know they could actually be dangerous? 

Scientists decided to carry out a series of experiments after a man in the US allegedly suffered severe burns and hearing damage when an microwaved egg exploded in his mouth. 

For the experiments, hard-boiled eggs were heated in a water bath for three minutes. 

Nearly a third of the eggs exploded, making a bang measuring up to 133 decibels – that’s louder than the sound of a chainsaw or thunderclap. 

Check out this insane YouTube video for an example of what it’s like. 

However the scientists aren’t too worried about the risks involved. 

“On a statistical basis, the likelihood of an egg exploding and damaging someone’s hearing is quite remote. It’s a little bit like playing egg roulette,” they said. 

We wouldn’t want to take that chance, would you?!

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