Here's where to get the cheapest and most expensive pint of Guinness in Ireland

By Fiona Frawley

February 13, 2023 at 5:10pm


The results may not be overly shocking to some.

The price of a pint of plain is a hotly discussed topic among Irish people, and understandably so. For generations, the stout has been marketed to us as a liquid as vital to survival as water - prescribed to tired people, women lacking iron during pregnancy and pretty much anyone in need of a cure for whatever respectively ails them.

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So it's natural we'd expect to be able to enjoy one, whether for its healing processes or just recreationally, at a reasonable price.

Sadly, this isn't an option in many establishments on our shores. A Guinness under €5 is little more than a pipe dream for those of us living in cities, but they are attainable if you know where to look.

An East Cork pub has made headlines in recent weeks for offering the cheapest pint in the rebel county at €4.50, the establishment in question being the Thatched Inn in Ladysbridge.

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The village pub have committed to keeping their prices down despite rising costs, out of loyalty to their customers.

Speaking to The Echo, owner Mike Hegarty said:

"We’ve tried to hold off as long as possible to give the customer something back. We especially didn’t want to do it over Christmas, as it’s a hard enough time for people. If people want to go out and enjoy a drink, I think they should be able to.”

While the Thatched Inn boasts what Mr Hegarty believes to be the cheapest pint in Cork, Connemara boozer Johny O’Loghlens takes the crown for the cheapest in Ireland overall.


The rural pub located near Cashel Bay asks for just €3.90 in exchange for a Guinness, with owner Colm Redmond explaining "Johny O’Loghlens is a small country pub, it’s very much a community bar and a local trade and that’s one of the reasons - we have to look after our locals.”

Publican Colm Redmond at Johny O’Loghlens, image via the Irish Mirror

Now, onto the most expensive.

If you've guessed Temple Bar, give yourself a pat on the back.

Known by Dubliners as something as a tourist trap with some bars notorious for raising their prices after midnight, Temple Bar probably isn't the spot to go if you're drinking on a budget - but which of its pubs will ask you to fork over the most for a pint of plain?


At the time of writing, The Merchant’s Arch is home to the most expensive pint in Ireland at €7.10 during regular hours and €8.10 for a late pint.

A hugely popular spot for tourists with many Guinness connoisseurs admitting the pints sold here are great, but maybe not the place to hit up if payday is no time soon.

Do you know of a pint that's cheaper/more expensive than any we've mentioned? Let us know!

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