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30th Sep 2022

Ice cream parlour marks National Potato Day with potato flavoured ice cream

Fiona Frawley

potato ice cream, topped with rosemary sprigs and thinly sliced spuds

To be fair, this is Ireland. I’m surprised no one did this sooner.

For anyone who didn’t know, October 1st is National Potato Day. You may or may not have noticed that every day seems to be celebrating some cuisine or other of late – 14th July? Why, it’s National Kebab Day, of course. 13th August? That’s easy, National Prosecco Day. Next Tuesday? That’ll be Cinnamon Roll Day. Obviously.

It’s impossible to keep track of them all but naturally, National Potato Day was always going to be one we’d mark in some way in this country. Potatoes are our history, part of who we are, running through our veins, etc etc.

Earlier this year, you may have noticed potato milk making its way onto supermarket shelves, and even into the odd cafe. If you haven’t come across it yet, our succinct, well-informed review is HERE.

Anywho, the potato game has now gone a step further with potato ice cream, or potato gelato to be exact. With the help of Deliveroo, Scoop Dessert Parlour have created Ireland’s first potato milk ice cream, a “delectable and truly unique” Rosemary and Potato gelato.

potato ice cream, topped with rosemary sprigs and thinly sliced spuds

Garnished with sprigs of rosemary and thinly sliced spuds, the concoction is available for a limited time from Saturday, 1st October until stocks last on Deliveroo, and will set you back €3.50 per scoop.

Deliveroo also took the opportunity to list the most popular potato-based dishes on the Deliveroo app, which are as follows:

  • Potato Masala Dosa from Dosa Dosa
  • Home-Made Potato Pie from C.F. Lennox Weekend
  • Japchae (stir-fried Korean sweet potato noodles) from Han Sung Restaurant
  • Fries from Wowburger
  • Chips from Yeeros

Will you be marking the occasion with a spud-filled meal?

Header image via Deliveroo 

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