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19th Oct 2017

Magic Moment – Quality Street Are Bringing Back An Old Favourite For Christmas

James Fenton

When Nestlé removed the popular Toffee Deluxe in their Quality Street tins last year, it’s fair to say the decision caused a bit of a stir. 

The favourite among chocolate fans was replaced by the Honeycomb Crunch and people didn’t take kindly to the news. 

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Some people haven’t forgotten and even got their requests to bring it back in early this year. 

Well, it appears the confectionary company has bowed to the pressure and toffee aficionados can rejoice as the deluxe is making a welcome return this year.

There’s good news for those who actually preferred the honeycomb crunch too as Nestlé will not be removing it from their Quality Street tins. 

From the reaction online today it seems like all is forgiven. 

Any excuse to share these classic ads. Altogether now: “‘Allo, Mr. Johnson!”

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