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PIC: This Pint Of Guinness Is Going To Ruin Your Day

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Why are people always trying to ruin a good pint of Guinness?

We’ve seen some shocking images down through the years but this is the final straw for us.

Weirdly enough, The Badger (which is Guinness mixed with a Smirnoff Ice) is apparently quite normal, although it definitely shouldn’t be. But this lad took it to the next bloody level.

Introducing Guinness and WKD:

Why, oh why would anyone do this?

Here’s a look at ‘The Badger’:

The Guinness Badger

So the English are drinking something called a "Badger Guinness" and we don't know what to say 😷

Posted by Lovin.ie on Tuesday, April 2, 2019

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