These Are The Cheapest And Most Expensive Towns In Ireland For A Pint Of Guinness

Worth travelling for a bargain we reckon...

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A pint of the black stuff can cure all woes if it's poured just right. Refreshingly creamy, Guinness is a treat worth indulging in every now and again. 

Or every weekend. Or y'know, okay, Thursday pints after work too. Whatevs. 

But when 'My Goodness, My Guinness' turns into 'MY GOOD GOD my Guinness is expensive as fuck', you've got a problem. 

So the news that CV-Library, a job agency site, gathered info from more than 200 pubs across 20 cities in the UK and Ireland to reveal the cheapest and most expensive spots for a pint is welcome news indeed. 

Never be stuck on a weekend away in a town where you can't get a pint for less than a fiver. 

The most expensive city in Republic of Ireland is Dublin (no surprise) while Waterford and Drogheda were the cheapest

The average pint of Guinness in Dublin is €4.96 (the researchers clearly skipped Temple Bar) while Waterford and Drogheda have pints as cheap as €4.30.

While up north, you can get a pint of Guinness in Belfast for as little as €3.66 or Derry for €3.38.

Trip to the north it is, then...

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