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28th Nov 2022

The first ever KFC branded pub has opened in the UK

Fiona Frawley

exterior of 'the colonel's arms' a pub decorated with kfc branding

Complete with KFC bucket flower baskets.

If you’re a fried chicken lover wondering where to hit up on your next visit to London, you’re in luck – The Colonel’s Arms in Hammersmith is open for business.

The pub, formerly known as the Suffolk Punch now welcomes in boneless banquet connoisseurs with bright red double doors brandishing the colonel’s smiling, secret-blend-of-11-herbs-and-spices-knowing visage, and signs reading “KFC or the pub? We’ll have both!”

The Colonel’s Arms is a temporary pop-up for the World Cup, allowing fans to enjoy fried chicken delivered to their table as they watch matches. Tickets for entry to the pub have already sold out on Eventbrite, but KFC have said that some space will be put aside for walk-ins.

While Gus Carter, who shared the chicken-themed pub on Twitter laments “this is a crime against our culture”, the response in the comments is largely positive. One person wrote: “If this was a long term thing, I would make it my local. Hangover cause and cure in the same venue is a game changer”. Another said “Still better than every Wetherspoon in existence”. Others observed that the rebrand was better than the pub closing altogether and laying derelict.

The Colonel’s Arms is open from 25 November to 1 December, but it will not open on 30 November.

Header image via Eventbrite/The Colonel’s Arms 

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