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06th Apr 2022

‘Think Hamptons with a Connemara vibe’ – The Sea Hare is coming to Clifden

Fiona Frawley

the two owners of the Sea Hare with aprons and coffee cups smiling with a beach in the background

Just in time for staycation season.

Irish foodies will already be familiar with The Sea Hare, the “real slow food” pop-up in Connemara celebrating the taste of the west of Ireland with locally sourced produce and homegrown veg.

Sinead Foyle and Philippa Duff launched the venture back in 2019 out of the well known Joyce’s pub in Cleggan, combining their expertise from years in the food industry to create exciting dishes centred around seasonal produce, to be enjoyed around intimate long tables right by Cleggan pier.

Yesterday on Instagram, the duo announced they’d be “packing up the umbrellas, pinnies and rolling into town”, to their new home at the Alcock and Brown Hotel in Clifden.

The post reads:

REALLY BIG NEWS…like massive, we have a new home, we’re packing up the umbrellas, pinnies and then rolling into town. This new pad is going to be cool, classic with soft clean lines and a new old feel. Think Hamptons with a Connemara vibe.

The duo go on to say their new restaurant will bring with it “exciting menus imbued with the same adventurous spirit”, and a continued focus on locally sourced produce. Clifden foodies can also expect longer opening hours, breakfast, lunch and a return of the Sea Hare’s famous long table dinners.

The Sea Hare’s new home will open in May.

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