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This Is Where You’ll Find The Best Burrito In Ireland

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I’ve been keeping this a secret for way too long but this, in my opinion, is hands down the best burrito around.

Burrito Box in Greystones is going to blow you away.

Being so close to Dublin, there are always arguments over where the best burrito is, and competition is tough with the likes of Boojum, Tolteca and Pablo Picante around but this is definitely a contender.

Situated in the back of The Beach House in an old horse box, this is the definition of a hidden gem.

And I’m not alone with this opinion.

We recently posted on the Lovin Dublin Facebook page asking where you thought the best burrito in Dublin was, and Burrito Box accounted for more than half of the comments.

Although I do worry about people’s knowledge of Irish geography – Greystones is in Wicklow, FYI…

I always get the same thing and I recommend you follow me into battle.

A spicy Greystones burrito with added guac and a side of sweet potato fries.

This is definitely worth a trip.

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