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23rd May 2019

Turns Out We’ve Been Drinking Gin Wrong Our Entire Lives


Our next night out is just around the corner, and for some of us, that means a hefty helping of G&Ts.

But did you know there are very specific rules for storing, serving and garnishing gin?

Belfast company Jawbox Gin shared some of their expert knowledge with us, and our eyes have been opened.

Here are their top tips…

1. Invest in glassware

“A large, wide glass, like a balloon glass or copa glass is ideal for gin,” they said.

“Gin is a delicate, aromatic spirit and the bigger the surface area of the glass, the more likely you are to enjoy the full experience of your drink through taste, smell and sight. After all, most of what you taste comes through your nose.”

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2. Bring on the chill

“It’s a case of the cooler, the better when it comes to drinking gin and a fizzy accompaniment.

“Chill your glass in the fridge before you use it. When making your drink, fill your glass with totally frozen, good-quality ice all the way up to the brim – it will melt more slowly as a result.

“If your drink is chilled, the carbon dioxide molecules which create the bubbles find it harder to escape, meaning your drink will stay fizzier too, and at its most aromatic for longer.”

3. Experiment with garnish

“Try not to overpower the natural botanicals and aromas of the gin with something too herbal or too sweet.

“Your garnish should complement the gin, not mask it.

“Cucumber ribbons or watermelon cubes work well and for those after something slightly more intense the citrus flavours of lime or grapefruit should do the trick.

“For Christmas, try seasonal berries, a little warming black pepper or honeycomb.

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4. Don’t cause a stir

“Over-stirring or over-shaking can leave you with a weak, watery or cloudy cocktail.

“Stir gently so you don’t disrupt the delicate, gentle aromas and botanicals of your gin.”

5. Don’t be a slave to tonic

“Tonic proves to be an ever-popular accompaniment but for those who may be tiring of this predictable pairing, there are some other options.

“If you’re accustomed to gin, why not give it a go on the rocks and appreciate it in a new way?

“If you prefer a mixer, try topping your gin with ginger-ale and garnishing with a wedge of lime.”

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