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17th May 2023

Aldi calls out UK supermarket for charging over a fiver for chocolate digestives

Fiona Frawley

£5 biscuits UK

“It’s one packet of digestive biscuits Michael, what could it cost?”

As the cost-of-living crisis remains more prevalent than ever in the UK (though you wouldn’t know by looking at Charles flailing his orb and sceptre around the place), many supermarkets have made an effort to decrease the price of staples such as milk and own-brand bread in an effort to ease the strain on households there.

Despite this, you’ll still see bizarrely priced food products cropping up on supermarket shelves both here and across the pond.

Figures from the British Retail Consortium (BRC) indicate that food prices were up 15.7 percent in April 2023 compared to April 2022.

While worrying food prices are being shared day after day on social media, a packet of biscuits for £5.39 (€6.20) really takes the… well, you know yourself.

The offending digestives were shared by Twitter page No Context Brits, alongside the caption “Five pound thirty nine”. As you’d imagine, the comments and quote tweets are flooded with dismayed consumers (and the odd user pointing people in the direction of Amazon, where they allege you can buy them in bulk for £1.79).

The offending digestive biscuits came with a price tag of £5.39.

Also weighing in on the discussion is discount retailer Aldi, who quote tweeted referencing their own brand biscuits priced at 69p (79c).

We checked the Irish Aldi website and for anyone interested, you can get their own brand biscuits for 69c here, conversion rates be damned.

What’s the most shocking price you’ve seen on an Irish supermarket shelf in recent month? €7 deodorant? A tenner for tampons? Let us know.

Header image via Twitter/No Context Brits 


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