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11th Dec 2017

Warning Issued For 11 Popular Chicken Products By Food Safety Authority Of Ireland

Darragh Berry

Last week, the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) issued closure orders to four different food businesses in Ireland and on Monday, they announced that a warning had been put on 11 types of popular chicken products.

The message on their website states that: 

“The specified batches of products listed in the table below contain undeclared mustard or undeclared mustard and milk. Caterers and retailers must ensure that final consumers are provided with the correct allergen information for these products.” 

The products listed on the site are:

  • Big Al’s Fast Fry Breaded Chicken Fillet
  • Big Al’s Chicken Chunks
  • Big Al’s Breaded Chicken Nugget
  • Goldstar Breaded Chicken Nugget
  • Goldstar Breaded Chicken Burger
  • Big Al’s Breaded Chicken Goujons
  • Big Al’s Breaded Chicken Burger
  • Big Al’s Chicken Dippers 
  • Big Al’s Chicken Chunks (Price Marked)
  • Big Al’s Chicken Goujons
  • Big Al’s Chicken Chunks (No Price Marked)

Chicken products

Image via FSAI website

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