WATCH: The Ultimate Easter Egg Hot Chocolate Is Back At Union Grind Cafe

Welcome back, sugar coma

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Ah, here. We're trying our very best to stick to the 'New Year, New You' healthy plan and all that, but the temptation is too much. 

We avoided the doughnuts. Steered clear of the pancakes well enough. But an espresso bar in Cork has brought back their insanely chocolatey Easter treat and the game is up – we're weak for this. 

Union Grind first did an Easter Egg Mocha last year (check this beaut out here) and now it's back and better than ever. 

A drool worthy combo of steamed chocolate milk, an easter egg, marshmallows and caramel sauce come together in this liquid slice of heaven.

We're not worthy. PLZ. Have mercy.

This is the most satisfying video you'll watch all day... Just WAIT for the chocolate drop.

There's also a mocha version too if you need a caffeine hit (skip to the end – or watch the full chocolatey vid)

Screw being healthy. Even Jesus himself would have legged it down to Cork for one of these...

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