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22nd Jul 2021

A few Irish businesses have been closing early to let their staff enjoy the weather, and we love to see it

Fiona Frawley

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past year or two, it’s that you shouldn’t live to work.

Life is short, you need to get out there and experience it. And in almost 30 degree weather in some parts of the country, your experience should involve jumping into the sea, not sitting behind a desk or prepping in a kitchen. With that said, we’d like to shout out some of the extra sound Irish businesses who’ve been giving their staff either the day or afternoon off to enjoy the sun during this unprecedented wave of heat.

1. Fable + Stey, Dublin

These guys finished up an hour or so early this week, meaning their lovely staff got a head start down to the trá. DE. SERVED.

2. EZ Living Furniture

These guys shut all their stores today at 4:30 in order to give their staff some time to enjoy the sun.

3. Studio Donegal, Kilcar

You can’t help but smile when you see a sign like this. These Donegal based weavers had the day off to cool down at some of their stunning local beaches.

4. The Yellow Door Baltimore, Cork

These guys even made it into the local newspaper for their decision to have a beach day!

5. The Vintage Factory Waterford

Yes, we 100% understand!

Delighted for all the staff across the country that had the chance to soak up some rays this week. Now, send this onto your boss and hope they take the hint.

Header image via Shutterstock