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17th Feb 2021

Mohill locals treated to free pancakes from Lough Rynn Castle yesterday

Sarah Finnan

free pancakes

Staff at Lough Rynn Castle were the cause of many a smiling face down in Leitrim yesterday. Cooking up a storm in honour of Pancake Tuesday, they whipped up several extra batches of the delicious treat, delivering the free pancakes to hungry Mohill locals as a bit of a pick-me-up. 

Sharing a few behind-the-scenes snaps of their impressive pancake assembly line, the team took to Instagram to say:

“Spreading some Pancake Tuesday Cheer around our local town of Mohill – have a ‘flippin’ great day everyone.”

It would be hard to have a bad day when pancakes are involved, to be fair.

Commending staff for the lovely gesture, it’s safe to say that the idea went down very well with locals – particularly those at Mohill Medical Centre. Leaving a glowing review under the hotel’s post on Facebook, one thankful recipient wrote:

“It was the perfect topping to receive.. thank you from all of us at Mohill medical centre.”

Let’s be honest, free pancakes are always the way a person’s heart.

Header image via Instagram/Lough Rynn Castle 

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