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19th Feb 2021

Space-mad Adam King was thoroughly impressed by the Mars rover landing last night

Sarah Finnan

Adam King

One of many awe-stricken onlookers around the world, space-mad youngster Adam King was thoroughly impressed by the Mars rover landing last night.

History unfolded before our very eyes last night as a team of Nasa astronauts managed to land the Nasa Perseverance rover on Mars. The culmination of a seven-month-long journey through space, the rover confirmed touchdown after landing in a deep crater near the red planet’s equator called Jezero.

Overjoyed that the mission had been successful, there were elated scenes from Nasa’s mission control centre in California which showed scientists clapping and cheering at the news.

Joining countless others in watching the historic moment play out, space-mad Adam King tuned in with thanks to the Elfordstown Earthstation in Midleton. Donning full Nasa-inspired gear for the occasion, the Cork youngster said that he was “very excited” by the whole affair.

Also congratulating the European Space Agency on their recent launch of the new para astronaut programme, the project is part of the agency’s commitment to enhance inclusiveness and fair representation. Their first call for astronauts in more than a decade, officials have opened the opportunity up to candidates with disabilities – with Adam’s family joking that “you never know who might apply”.

Some might think that landing the rover means the tough part is over, but the hard work starts now as the rover begins its search for signs of ancient microbial life which Nasa scientists will later use to explore the past habitability of Mars.

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