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30th Sep 2022

10 Irish dog accounts to follow for some truly wholesome content

Katy Thornton

irish dog accounts

How can you not be happy looking at pups?

Every once in a while we all need a bit of a serotonin boost. These Irish dog accounts are bound to put a smile on your face; they sure did a number on me while I was looking them up.

The Wolfhound Experience

This pack of pups are just adorable. Meet Tara, Connell, Oscar, Bran, Lady MacBeth, Mac, Daisy, Cu, and Kevin. This pack travels from place to place to see the best Ireland has to offer.

Sky the Samoyed

Sky, according to his Instagram bio, is half puppy and half polar bear, and we can believe it. He is absolutely precious and is bound to make you smile.

Princess Sally

Sally was a rescue dog and has built up over 8,000 followers on Instagram. She is just precious with her various harnesses and fur friends and she is bound to bring happiness to your Instagram feed.

Koby and Bear

This dynamic retriever duo have the cutest puppy dog eyes. They are based in Waterford and seem to love anything to with the beach and the sea.

Kuma and Popoto

If you’ve ever wondered what a Pomeranian and a Husky would look like, Kuma is it. He also has a baby sister Popoto, a gorgeous golden retriever, making them a truly adorable duo. A top tier Irish dog instagram account for sure.

Two Tails on Trails

Indie and Arlo are two golden retrievers that love an adventure. The Instagram documents their many hikes and walks and it is the exact content you need for a daily dose of serotonin.

This is Obie

Obie is a beautiful rescue who loves to join his owner on hikes. He has the most adorable expressions and will bring joy to your Instagram feed.

Duke the Irish Setter

Duke splits his time between Dublin and Galway, travelling all over Ireland from Father Ted’s house to the Guinness Storehouse. Tell me those eyes don’t make you heart just melt.

The Irish Dogfather

And of course this list wouldn’t be complete without The Irish Dogfather himself. Honestly if you’re having a bad day just have a wee scroll through his account and I swear you’ll soon feel tons better.

Dolly Pawton

A new dog account, but one you’re going to want to follow for the incredible content is none other than Miss Dolly Pawton. Just do yourself a favour and go for a wee scroll on the ‘gram. Such a cutie.

We hope these Irish dog accounts brought a bit of sunshine to your day; it was truly a pleasure writing about them.

Header image via Instagram/dollypawt0n

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