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14th May 2021

10 pieces of outdoor furniture that will seriously vamp up your back garden game

Brian Dillon

10 pieces of outdoor furniture that will seriously vamp up your back garden game

These pieces of outdoor furniture and accessories are sure to add some life to your back garden.

Everyone and their granny seems to be doing up their back garden at the moment. So, we thought we would jump on the hype and find some unique and pretty pieces of outdoor furniture and garden features.

Now that we can meet in back gardens, it’s time to vamp it up and make it the ultimate summer experience. Since we can’t travel abroad, let’s bring the vacation feel to us.

Here are ten pieces of outdoor furniture we think will add some serious style to your space.

Globo Chair from

“What is a Globo Chair?”, you ask. Well, it’s a hanging chair that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Made from Scandanavian spruce glued together to make the round shape, we can imagine ourselves sinking into this on a sunny afternoon.

You can get it here.

Image via

Fredön Hammock from Ikea

We’re all about that hammock life. There’s no need to tie any knots as it comes with handy hooks. Plus, there’s even a small pouch on the side for things like books, magazines and suncream.

Check it out here.

Image via IKEA.

Hot Tub from

Hot tubs are a bit on the pricey side, but we can dream! If I want to spend my savings on a hot tub, that’s my damn business. Anyway, has two hot tubs for sale on their website: a Camaro Premium Four-Bathers hot tub for €829.95 and a Mont Blanc Six Seater hot tub for €999.95.

Check them out here.

Image via

Outdoor B Bed from The Orchard

Oh, we can definitely see ourselves flaking on one of these as the sun shines down on our back garden. You can order it here.

Image via The Orchard.

Ice Bucket Table from Aldi

With no assembling required, this would be a fairly stylish way to add a little something to your back garden drinks. The ice bucket holds up to 30L and extends upwards enough for you to fit your drinks in to keep them cool. Find out more here.

Aldi's outdoor furniture ice bucket table

Image via Aldi.

Heat & Beat Tower from The Orchard

It’s a heater and a speaker! The unique terrace heater of 2000 watts means it’s possible to play music over the built-in speakers (2 x 3 inch – 3 watt) and subwoofer. All you need is your Bluetooth.

Find out more here.

Image via The Orchard.

Tripod with Adjustable Chrome Hanging Grill from Fernhill

Fancy cooking over a real wooden fire? Proper island vibes. If you’re in a house full of foodies, this gives you the chance to take your BBQ nights to the next level.

See more about it here.

Image via Fernhill.

Solar Globe Lights from IKEA

At €11 a pop, you can decorate your garden with these lovely little solar-powered globe lights from IKEA, meaning your garden may even take on a whole new look as the sun sets and the evening prosecco has been popped open.

Find out more about it here.

outdoor lights in the outdoor furniture range in ikea

Image via IKEA.

Gardenline Black Garden Arch from Aldi

Ah, this is super cute. This Gardenline Black Garden Arch is easy to assemble and will add a level of sophistication to your back garden. And for just €34.99, mind you. It’s great for any climbing plants like roses, ivy and clematis.

Find out more here.

Image via Aldi.

Wooden Garden Bar from Flying Elephant

I suspect that way more people now have bars in their houses and/or gardens after the past year. If you haven’t jumped on the trend yet, there are some companies that will build one for you, including Flying Elephant. The 8ft x 5ft robust pressure treated wooden garden bar comes with lockable shutters, a rustic countertop and display shelves.

Check it out here.

outdoor bar garden furniture from Flying Elephant

Image via Flying Elephant.

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Header image via Aldi and