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21st May 2021

10 things we miss about taking a staycation

Rory Cashin

staycation in Galway

Not long to go before we can take our trips around Ireland again!

Hotels and similar vacationing outlets will be opening soon around the country, allowing us to head off on a little staycation for the first time in what feels like a long time.

To celebrate, we’re looking back on what we miss the most about them, and what we’re most excited about getting back to before too long!

1. Getting there

While taking a plane anywhere is probably still out of the question right now, we’ve still got trains and buses and cars to take us around the country. To be honest, from the moment we start packing our bags (which could be anywhere from hours, to days, to WEEKS before we actually leave), we’ll be uncontrollably excited about going to a new place, and seeing new things, and talking to new people!

2. The Fancy Lobby

And then once we get there, you know you’re in good hands once you get into the lobby of wherever you’re staying. From the calming music to the nice smells wafting through the air (especially if it a REALLY fancy hotel that actually have their own scents) to the receptionist talking us through the times for breakfast and stuff. Ah yes, we’re on holidays!

3. Collapsing on to the bed

What is the very first thing you do when you get into your hotel room? If your answer is literally anything other than “fall face first on to the bed to see how soft it is”, then you’re doing hotel rooms wrong.

4. Ordering room service

A big part of taking a holiday anywhere is not having to cook for yourself. Of course, going down the hotel’s restaurant is lovely, as is heading out to a nearby restaurant in the town or city you’re visiting, these are all totally fine and decent options. However, both of those probably frown on you eating the food in your new bathrobe.

5. Taking a bath

We’re not sure what the percentage is of people who have baths in their home, but we’re guessing it isn’t anywhere near 100%. So getting into a nice hotel room with a big bath is a LOVELY bit of holidaying. Even if you do have a bath at home, hotel baths are probably where you’ll be bringing your expensive bath bombs and the likes in order to properly and completely luxuriate yourself.

6. Hitting up the spa

The pool. The jacuzzi. The steam room. The sauna. If they do treatments like massages or hot stones or mud baths. All of that stuff. We want it. Feel the stress and the outside world practically oozing out of our pores.

7. Checking out the nearest town

While there is a lot to be said for staycations that see you barely leaving your room and the spa, there are of course plenty of places around Ireland that practically demand to be seen. Tourists don’t come flocking to our small country year in, year out for no reason! So head to the nearest town, visit the tourist attractions, maybe go for a drive to check out the scenery and the landmarks.

8. Trying the local “best pint”

In every town in every county in every corner of Ireland, there will be at least one pub that lay claims to serving the best pint. It is your duty-bound obligation as a staycationer to go there and try it.

9. Being adventurous

Does the town have a particular dish they’re famous for? Is there some outdoorsy activity that you can avail of? Maybe there’s a great bar or club for meeting new people? You’re on holiday, so it is time to try some stuff and do some things that you don’t normally get to do back home.

10. The Instagram Game

Putting all these memories to The ‘Gram and racking up those likes, paying it forward to your followers by letting them know that they should be going to these places too, inspiring them for their next staycation… that is when you know your little trip has been a success!

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