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10 Things You'll Only Understand When You Move In With Your Significant Other

By AmyBell

January 1, 2018 at 5:15pm


So you're in a little love bubble.

You and your beau have never been better and now you're taking the next big step in your relationship and are moving in together.

It's exciting, it's scary and you cannot wait to spend each and every moment with your other half. But things aren't going to be so peachy 24/7.

Here are 10 things you will only understand when you live with your partner.

1. Annoying little habits

Their chewing has never annoyed you before but when you move in together, everything is amplified by 100. The toilet seat is almost always left up and there will be hair pins everywhere. You didn't realise you were living with an animal. But I guess you wouldn't change them for the world (sometimes).

2. 'What will we cook for dinner?'

Every couple faces the dilemma of what to eat. It could be just one of those days when you're tired after a long day of work and return home hoping that your love has cooked you up a romantic meal... but you come home to nothing. You really shouldn't fly off the handle, you didn't know you had it in you. 

When it comes to food, compromise and sharing the task is important. Cooking together can be fun and we aren't on Masterchef.

3. Your wardrobe space will be shrunk

If you move in with your girlfriend, your wardrobe space is bound to get restricted to one small section. Us girls like our clothes and normally have much more than we actually need. You'll find her clothes everywhere and in every space possible. You will be lucky if you get to nab your own drawer or a few hangers.

4. Sharing a bathroom

Yes, you more than likely have just one bathroom and, of course, you will be sharing it with your significant other. You never noticed how many shampoos or products they had before, or how you find strands of hair caught in every drain. Gross. You will eventually be in the bathroom at the same time, you will uh, poop, with the other person there. You feel like an animal but it is human nature and completely normal.

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5. They are a lot messier than you thought

Everyone cleans up in their own way, some well, more than others. Your definition of a clean house or apartment can be completely different to theirs. The two of you together create a unique living space. There will be occasional socks and towels left on the floor, you may not get to hoover every day or two. You both get used to it and find what works best.

6. Date nights can change

Now that you have your own place together you are pretty much spending every moment with them 24/7. You used to go out for a lot of dates but now 'date night' turns into lying together on the couch watching a movie and ordering takeaway. Perfection. It's great and lazy and exactly what you need after work. You still go out, but you find not as often as before.

7. 'You said you would get the milk!' kind of arguments

Sometimes your communication links aren't as strong as you had hoped. You both thought the other would pick up what you needed in the shop. But you both forget. Now you're running out of essentials (and more importantly food and drink). Talk to each other to avoid further mishaps (and shouting).

8. Compromise. Compromise. Compromise.

It can be difficult to have your own personal space when living together. You may have one section of the living room dedicated to your love of comic books. That's it. You have to try pick out wall colours you both like. But,you learn to live with one another's little unusual perks and loves. You will end up having a lot of cushions and candles. It's important to compromise (or try to at least).

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9. Unlimited hugs, cuddles and...

You both don't have to go to one another's house to hang out, you're both under one roof together. And you know what that means? Cuddling and 'alone time' together all the time. You can still have drunk nights out with your friends but you know you're going home to your bae. It's the best feeling.

10. Most importantly, you live with your best friend

Yes living together with your love can have its challenging days but in the end you end up living with your best friend. You create so many memories and share a life together. And really, would you have it any other way?

What did you notice when you moved in with your love?

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