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23rd Sep 2021

5 short books to get you back into reading!

Katy Thornton

We’ve all fallen off the reading band wagon

Look, it happens. Despite our best intentions to turn off our phone and reading a book at night instead of scrolling TikTok, it can be a difficult habit to upkeep. Reading takes up more energy than mindlessly scrolling, so we get it. However, if you’re just looking for a short and sweet book to ease your way back in, check out our list! They’re all under 300 pages, so nothing too heavy.

1. Tuesdays with Morrie, Mitch Albom

Book length: 210 pages

This short autobiography follows Mitch Albom as he reconnects with former college professor Morrie in the last months of the man’s life. Morrie guides Mitch through some well needed life lessons and in doing so, provides deep insight for the reader of the book also.

2. Bad Day in Blackrock, Kevin Power

Book length: 235 pages

Irish novelist Kevin Power writes a fictitious story based on an incident that occurred in Dublin in 2000. When university student Conor Harris is kicked to death outside a nightclub, a media frenzy ensues. The boys swear it was an accident, but is there more to the story? This novel will keep you hooked the whole way through.

3. Leonard and Hungry Paul, Rónán Hession

Book length: 240 pages

Leonard and Hungry Paul came out in 2019 and tells the story of best friends, yes, Leonard and Hungry Paul. The pair are in their thirties and trying to establish where they fit in, feeling quite unremarkable. This is character driven story that is beautifully written and easy to speed through.

4. Normal People, Sally Rooney

Book length: 266 pages

Yes, we are big Sally Rooney fans over here. After reviewing her most recent novel, which you can read here, we’re looking back at the success of Normal People. Marianne and Connell begin a secret relationship that spans the course of several years on and off. The pair can never seem to get the timing right, and the novel begs the age old question, is love ever enough?

5. Lullaby, Leila Slimani

Book length: 240 pages

Leila Slimani is a French author, and both her books are short and worth a read. Lullaby opens with one of the most chilling lines I’ve ever encountered, “The baby is dead. It only took a few seconds.” This is a retrospective story that follows Myriam and Paul as they decide to employ a nanny for their children. Louise seems perfect and is soon hired, but is she too invested in her role? A complete page turner.

We hope this list helps you get back into reading!

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