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7 Simple Hacks To Save Money On Attending Weddings In 2018

By James Fenton

August 26, 2018 at 3:13pm


You don't need us to tell you that weddings can be expensive. Spending on outfits, gifts, accommodation and booze can all add up to the equivalent of week away in the sun.

There are plenty of simple ways to cut back on expenditure though if you do things right. If you've got a wedding, or worse, a few weddings, coming up this year then this list should help you save a few spends.

1. Choose your accommodation wisely

Just because your mates have decided to get married at a big fancy hotel it doesn't mean you have to be out of pocket.

Shop around for cheaper Bed & Breakfasts nearby or get a group together to share an AirBnB.

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2. Pitch in with friends on a great gift

In recent times, envelopes filled with cash have taken over from the humble toaster as the go-to gift for the happy couple. But seeing as no one ever seems to know how much to give, why not pitch in with a group of mates and pay for something nice for the house or even a second honeymoon? They're bound to appreciate it.

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3. Carpool

Sticking with the group theme, this is particularly useful if the wedding is far from home. Road trips are always great craic and and going splits on petrol is a great way of saving a few quid.

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4. Pace yourself

Wedding days can be a bit of an auld stretch so if you're hitting the bar every 20 minutes it won't be long before your bank balance has taken a major hit.

Stock up on free booze at the start then save yourself for when the craic really gets going around midnight.

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5. Outfit swaps

Spotted an outfit you like on a friend at a previous wedding? Ask if they'll swap so neither of you are wearing the same thing again!

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6. Resist the temptation of 'the second day'

A recent trend with Irish weddings is to 'have a second day bbq' or something similar. While they're often great craic, they inevitably tend to go long into the night and you could end up spending as much money as you did the night before.

Stay for a bit, thank the couple for a great wedding and then make your excuses. All you'll be missing out on is an extra day's hangover.

7. Finally, just learn to say 'no'

When you get a certain age, the weddings start to come thick and fast and they aren't the novelty they once were.

Of course if it's a close friend or family member, you should go along but for anyone else it's okay to say 'no'. If they hold a grudge for this type of thing, they're probably not worth knowing anyway!

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