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04th Nov 2022

8 Twitter reactions to the Bounty ban from Celebrations

Katy Thornton

twitter bounty ban

Bounty stans are coming out of hiding at long last.

Although the removal of Bounty from Celebrations is almost certainly a PR stunt (which is working so fair play to who ever came up with it) it has raised important questions. About who we are. About what chocolate we like. And what that says about us as a nation.

What has surprised me most about all of this is the widespread devotion to the Bounty bar. Where were all of you when this decision was being made huh? Too embarrassed to admit you love a bitta Bounty I reckon, and look where it’s got you.

Me? I’m fairly neutral on the situation to be honest. No really a fan of Bounty but think the ban is possibly a bit excessive. It’s better than a Galaxy caramel which has been responsible for at least half of the near death experiences in my life (the caramel really do be trying to choke the life out of you).

However the following Twitter accounts are not indifferent to this situation… far from it.

Twitter Reacts to the Bounty ban

While Gavan may have a point here, we do miss Galaxy Truffle, which has been missing from our Celebrations tub since 2011 (according to Wikipedia, which I am shamelessly using as my credible source on this fact).

Ah Donald, I don’t think it tastes of paradise now, but I like the enthusiasm. Although as someone who bullies their friends who have Bounty as their favourite Celebrations sweet (I won’t out you for your own safety, but you know who you are) I can say the anti-Bounty people have been around for decades.

I can see how coming out as a Bounty stan would be difficult, certainly.

My new favourite Twitter account honestly. First they ban James Corden from ordering, then they provide Bounty for the Bounty-deprived masses. If I could afford a home to buy a shed I know where I’d be heading anyway.

Do we agree? I don’t know when I started to beef with Galaxy but it appears I’m not the only one. Maybe when they removed Galaxy truffle, the only Galaxy that I vibed with.

Teasers really be pulling a Damien from Mean Girls and shouting “she doesn’t even go here” at Bounty. Easy for them to say as the most loved Celebration there is. On a side-note we’re obsessed with this image created by Twisted Doodles, who has done a stellar job of portraying the 2022 movement that will one day be remembered as the Mutiny on the Bounty.

Ah Cian, I’ll allow that comment because you’ve rightly put Maltesers in first place; Snickers I really have to be in the mood for but they’re fairly class too. And he makes a good point because as much as we love to get outraged about things, Bounty bars are remaining in the Irish tubs, so a lot of our outrage has been for nothing (besides some old-fashioned entertainment to get us through a Thursday).

You know it’s serious when we started meme-ing about it.

Until the next public outcry; what will it be next?

Header image via Twitter/ShedsDirectIre

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