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17th May 2021

99s ‘at risk of disappearing entirely’ due to Flake supply issues

James Fenton

One of the hallmarks of an Irish summer is driving out to a seaside destination and treating yourself to a 99, (essentially an ice-cream cone with a Flake) but those days could soon be gone.

According to reports today, ’99s are now at risk of disappearing from shops, vans and ice-cream parlours entirely’ due to a demand for mini Flakes leading to supply issues.

With businesses such as pubs and restaurants still closed due to Covid-19 restrictions, people have been using their spare time to flock to outdoor amenities such as beaches and the surge is sure to have contributed to the issue.

Joe Quinn of Bon Bon in Salthill told the Irish Times that he “was lucky to get some in because they can’t be got now” while Paddy O’Donnell of the Clarmac business that supplies Flakes said: “I have sold more Flakes so far this year than I had right up to the middle of last summer. Hopefully things will be back to normal soon but I am lucky at least to have some stock left.”

It seems we’ve got 99 problems and a Flake is one. Let’s hope this gets sorted before the weather picks up again.

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