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28th Oct 2018

Barman Reveals Genius Way To Get Served FIRST In A Packed Queue For The Bar

Darragh Berry

Not all heroes wear capes…

The nightmare of ‘the queue’ on a night out would actually put you off going to a pub or nightclub ever again in your life time.

The pushing and shoving begins almost immediately and from then on in, it’s a constant struggle to keep your place.

Then – after what could be a 30 minute wait – you finally get to the bar only to find that on your return, half of your drink was spilled coming back to your friends.

Speaking to The Sun, the 35-year-old from North London claims to be able to jump the queues by walking around the bar collecting empty glasses and stacking them up as if he works there.

He proceeds to walk through the bar asking people to let him through. They see someone with a handful of glasses and of course make room. And then, the path is free but you have to be quick.


“I cooked up this trick when I was in a packed live music bar.

“The bar was on the side, opposite the stage and it was a nightmare working behind it — let alone for people trying to get a drink.

“They’d be four people deep and all shouting over the music to be served.

“I used to scan the pub for empties and then bring them back to load the dishwasher, and I noticed a sea of people would part when I walked through.

“I started trying it on nights out and it worked!” he said.

“You have to do it with confidence — it’s all in your stride. Then when you get to the bar, don’t make eye contact with anyone around you — get in, and get out.”

He concluded that it “works everytime” so with odds like that, we will definitely be trying this out tonight.

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